Mango Mint Ice Tea

mango ice tea

Well officially summer is over but it is still quite hot and humid in so many places in India. And while I am looking forward to some winter barbecues, I couldn’t help realizing I needed my bit of coolness and so I made this Mango Mint Ice Tea.This recipe is from a baking workshop I attended where it was served as a refreshment and it was just that glass you want to hold onto after a long, tiring day. It tastes much better than the “ready to mix” ice tea sachets sold in the market and is super easy to make. I used mango drinks instead of pure mango puree which makes this drink quite convenient to make whenever you wish!


  1. Tea of your choice ( I used Tata Tea Gold)
  2. Mango Drink (Frooti or Maaza in case real mango puree is not present)
  3. Water
  4. Mint Leaves (I infused them in ice cubes)


  1. Boil the tea in water and brew it till the water turns brown. Remove it from heat and let it cool completely.
  2. Mix the tea liquor with Mango Drink in 1:1 ratio and chill (You can add more tea or mango extract depending on the variety of tea or mango you are using. I used 1:1 for Tata Tea mixed with Frooti).
  3. Garnish with mint leaves and ice cubes.


P.S. – Please share as much as you may like ! 🙂


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