7 Quirky Things to Have for a Theme Party

Have you been wondering about a theme for your next party? Well how about quirking things up ! The advantage with which is you can include a wide range of things without stressing about it going with the theme. Up cycled craft, multiple colors, jumbled cutlery and mason jars glasses! It all just adds to the boldness. 


So, if quirkiness excites you as well, you must have a look at these 11 things from our trunk which will surely be a great fit at your party!

  1. The Chalk Board, Old School


I have already placed my order as I share the idea with you folks. This up cycled ladder stand from the store of Desi Jugaad is totally old school and will add a rustic charm to the garden parties. You can buy it here.

2. The Sail


This tissue and toothpick stand is so great for a summer party. Add some pop colored tissues on that distressed painted boat and the party will be a fun ride. It makes a great prop for a beach theme party as well. You can buy it here.

3. High on Tea


Won’t you leave your guests awestruck when you serve Chai Latte in these printed tapri chai glasses. Serve it with a slice of homemade cake (easy recipe here) for a super fun tea party. You can buy it here.

4. The Cute Cuppy Set


A platter so cute that you wish to gobble it! Well if you decide to buy this one, make sure the food is far yummier than the serve ware else it will surely steal all the thunder. 🙂 The pastel hues and cute little cupcakes make it perfect for a baby shower or a birthday party for your tiny one. You can buy it here.

5. Polka Magic Masons


These make drinks so much safer. Wondering how? Well zero spillage will make life so much easier! Don’t you guys agree? It’s great for your mojitos and cosmos as well. Drop in the mint leaves and orange wedges to add extra appeal to these tinted glass sippers. You can buy them here.

6. The sing-song Parrot


I had gone all crazy the first time I ever saw a squared face red parrot. I was just 9 and it seemed like a wildlife discovery I had done and I made sure the entire school knew about it. This artistic piece just makes me remember those good old days when little birds were not extinct. Well, if you too love birds like me, get this set to adore your dining space while the little souls thrive in their nests! You can buy it here.

7. Bollywood Pegs

5Raise your hand if you’re a Dumb Charades fan ! And you know all the Bollywood movies in and out, especially the C grade types which find their way all the time.

“Sas bahu aur sensex !!?? Oh this is not even a movie,” the team yells but then you clear your throat and yell back, ” I have seen it”. All eyes turn towards you in utter disgrace. But then you clarify, ” I just watched 10 minutes of it” and people burst into laughter.

For such fun filled memories and many more to come, get this set of filmy glasses for your next Bollywood Party !! You can buy it here.



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