Colorful Popcorn Candy


I was munching on my bowl of cheese popcorn while watching ‘The Revenant’ when it struck me to have rainbow colored popcorn for my Holi party this year. I browsed the internet for ideas and came up with this variation of popcorn. I wanted to have a rainbow color theme but then I realised I was running out of blue color. Nevertheless, this bowl of crunchiness is an absolute delight.This colorful candy snack is sure to have kids luring around the dining table.Sweet and crunchy, this snack is a fun way to add color and quirkiness to any party.


  1. Popcorn (I used Act II)
  2. Sugar Syrup
  3. Food colors of your choice


Step 1: Make the popcorn in the usual way (microwave or stove).

Step 2: Make a concentrated sugar syrup but do not caramelize it. Heat it only till the point where sugar melts and forms a clear syrup.

Step 3: Divide the sugar syrup into different bowls and add different colors to them. Make portions of your popcorn and coat them in the sugar syrups. Allow it to cool and bingo!

Keep in mind:

  1. Do not make the sugar syrup very thin as that will make the popcorn soggy.
  2. Do not let the syrup caramelize and turn brown else you won’t be able to color them.
  3. Do not put overdo the colors as some food colors might affect the taste too.


P.S. – Please share as much as you may like it!



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  1. This does look like a party!! what fun!


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