His Cycle Themed Birthday

This one comes as a super late post. I have been quite caught up with work at office these days and have been too lazy to post. Nevertheless, I am pretty excited to share this one with all my wonderful readers.

Jan 1st is a double celebration for us – New Year and His Birthday! Honestly I had been planning for his birthday for ages and I finalized to put on platter all the things he loves.

Cycling is his passion and I am at times stunned at the distances he rides. This road bike was my wedding gift for him but I do hold insecurities against “her”  😉

So I decided to have a surprise Cycle Theme Birthday Party for him.


I decided to have a very rustic food menu so I settled for Mediterranean (He loves).


  1. Falafel
  2. Potato Salad
  3. Pita Bread
  4. Pickled Veggies
  5. Lamb Chops
  6. Greek Tzatziki Dip
  7. Hummus
  8. Paneer Tikka (I added this Indian dish just to ensure that if any of the guests did not like Mediterranean they could have variety and Paneer Tikka is one of the safe bets)

Paneer tikka is an Indian dish made from chunks of paneer marinated in spices and grilled in a tandoor. (Find Recipe Here)

Spicy Lamb Chops (Recipe coming soon)

Pita Bread and Hummus (Recipe coming soon)

For decoration I chose some paper fans (depicting wheels 😀 ) with some printed center, rustic vase and chalkboard!

And the show stopper was his bicycle themed butterscotch ganache cake with choco chips and choco bike ! Yayyy…

This was my first attempt at making a ganache and it got a little grainy but yes it was too yummy to get noticed 😉

Here is a small making of the cake!

A beautiful card made by Parul Gupta Designs


Please share as much as you may like 🙂


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