Maggi Party

When Maggi was recently banned, I was super disheartened. The craving for Maggi was at its peak. While in college, we would device these unique ways to cook Maggi (we weren’t allowed to own an electric kettle or cook top). Sticking an inverted pressing iron between two tables and cooking Maggi on it on a chilly winter night was the best invented technique. Yes, as insane it may sound, we were hardcore maggi fans. 🙂 I am so glad it is back! I love Maggi and I am sure so does everyone else which makes it a great party snack for a friend’s get together or a mid-night after party at home. Make it as you please –

1) Cheese Maggi

I am drooling as I look at this picture. This is one my personal favorites. The melted cheese and the spicy noodles are exactly what you need  to get your party started.

(Image Courtesy : ©

2) Egg Maggi

Poached Eggs and Maggi- what’s not to like!

(Image Courtesy: Smokehouse Delhi)

3) Vegetable Maggi

Mom’s love to use this trick when they want to add that nutritional element to kid’s favorite Maggi. However, I will be honest, I still love this recipe. Chopped carrots, capsicum, onion, tomatoes slightly sauteed before adding water and voila !

(Image Courtesy:

4) Tomato Maggi

Maggi tastes brilliant when  cooked with tangy tomato. Add chopped tomato while boiling the water to get the soft pulpy texture.

(Image Courtesy:

5) Chicken Maggi

Do you have leftover chicken? Do not shy away from adding it to your Maggi and be sure to drool over it !

(Image Courtesy : Cheezz Kitchen)

You can also try the following recipes if you are a Maggi fan :

  • Scrambled egg Maggi
  • Spring Roll Maggi
  • Maggi Sandwich
  • Chili Maggi
  • Maggi Noodles Soup

Please share any more ideas you may have ! Happy Crafting !


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  1. mashedmush says:

    I was super sad as well when Maggi was banned 😢

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