11 Super Easy Ways of Flower Arrangement


11 super quick ways to add charm to your party. You can find multiple options to suit each and every theme and occasion.

1.Wrap the leaf 

Add the extra element of leaves looped inside a transparent vase. Works perfect if you do not wish to show the stem. Keep the stems shorter on the periphery so that you can get the dome shape.

Wrap Leaves Inside the Vase







(image courtesy – Jonathan Fong)

2. Hold in Place with tape

Make a criss-cross grid with a tape to ensure the flowers stay in position.

Make a Tape Grid

(Courtesy – Country Living)

3. Add some sunshine

Use some lemon slices between 2 concentric vases to add that oomph to the arrangement. Fill the void almost 2/3rd with water and then start slipping in the slices.

Add Fruit Slices

(Courtesy – Country Living)

4. Submerged Flowers

Don’t these look stunning ! The trick is to fill the vase half , insert the flowers and then add more water.

pink wedding centerpiece

(Courtesy – Chic Site)

5. Rustic Watering pot

Great arrangement for a rustic or garden theme party.

Go Rustic

(Image Courtesy – Maria Mack Photography)

6. Table Top 

Lay the flowers flat in a tray. Isn’t it minimal and easiest?

Lay It All Out

(Courtesy – candkdesign.com)

7. Cup and Saucer

Make a vintage arrangement with those golden brimmed cups and use the shorter stems to get an elegant arrangement.

(Courtesy – Country Living)

8. Rainbow 

Use your food color and tint the water with the color of your choice. I am totally loving the rainbow here.

Use Rainbow Water

(Courtesy – Papery & Cakery)

9. Candy Splash

Add some color and fun to your flower arrangement.

Make a Candy Vase

(Courtesy – Bright Bold & Beautiful)

10. Upside Down

Invert a small vase on a saucer sifting the focus on the flower inside.

P.S. – flowers might not last very long this way.

Arrange Flowers Under Glass

(Courtesy – Midwest Living)

11. Peg it Up

Use the flutes to display some wild flowers.

Use a Champagne Flute

(Courtesy – Midwest Living)


Happy Crafting !!


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