Trifle Sundae


Mixed Fruit, Cream, Custard and Cake – this is one heavenly scoop. You can use smaller servings and make it a great party dessert!


  1. Basic Sponge Cake
  2. Vanilla Custard
  3. Whipped Cream
  4. Mixed Fruit Jelly
  5. Some cherries for the topping
  6. Nuts (optional)


Step 1: Make the basic sponge cake (you can even buy it at any confectionery shop).

Step 2: Heat some milk in a pan and make some custard powder paste which you need to add once the milk is heated up. Do not add custard powder directly to avoid lumps. Stir till you get a very thick consistency (on cooling it becomes thicker). Now add some sugar (you might want to put lesser than usual as the trifle will have other sweet elements also). Let it cool and refrigerate for some time.

Step 3: Take the container you want to serve your trifle in and put some jelly in the base. Now cut the sponge cake in the size and shape of the container and put it over the jelly (you can alternatively cut small cubes and arrange them at the bottom). Add nuts/cherries as desired and then some custard. You can either keep 3 simple layers or repeat the layers of custard , cake and nuts.

Step 4: Finally, top off the trifle with some whipped cream and decorate with cherry or sprinklers.


Happy Crafting!!


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