Up-cycle those old CDs – Go Green Diwali!

 You can make tea light (buy tea lights) stands from those old CDs that you maybe storing for decades.
Step 1: Get some crystals, sequins and embellishments that you will need to decorate the CD. You can either use the plain ones and use some craft glue to paste it or use the sticker ones (easier to paste).
Step 2: Arrange them on the CD and preview the design before you start sticking them real time.
Step 3: Use a 3D outliner to lift the designs and give more intricacy to it. Let it dry. Put a tea light in the center and use it for all those places where you need to use a tray before putting the candles.
Tips & Tricks:
  • Bigger sequins are easier to handle and paste.
  • Contrasting color candle adds to the overall look.
  • You can also use acrylic color to paint the CD but I personally like mirror effect from the CD surface.

P.S. – Will share pictures with lit candles post Diwali 🙂

Update post Diwali :

Happy Crafting !!

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