Pep that Diya – Diwali Decor

We all love diyas and the positive aura it brings with the shining flame. Give the regular looking Diya a bit of a swirl with minimal effort.

Step 1: Soak the diyas in water for couple of hours and then let them dry. Soaking of diyas limits its capacity to soak oil and also removes the dirt and dust which might compromise the texture of paint when applied on it.
Step 2: Pick some acrylic colors (I used Fevicryl) and paint the diyas in the color of your choice.Let the diyas then dry.
Step 3: The diyas can be finished by a coating with varnish to give it an even looking matte or glossy finish.
Tips & Tricks:
  • Metallic colors are smoother to apply and have a neat finish.
  • Highlighting with golden metallic color makes the diya look more royal and festive.
  • If using a lighter shade of color, use white as a base coat to lift the brightness of the colors.
  • You can further use different sort of crystals, faux mirror pieces, sequins and beads to  embellish the diya further. 3D outliner can also be used to decorate the diya.

Happy Crafting!!

P.S. – Please share pictures incase you chose to decorate your diyas as well 🙂
Happy Diwali !


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  1. Wow, just did this along with my wife. Looks beautiful, thanks for the tip 🙂


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